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VAULT 51: FALLOUT 76 MAP LOCATIONS 2024 tour info what's new & around the map marker FO76 enemies Vault 51 Map Locations

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FALLOUT 76 MAP LOCATIONS VAULT 51 How Do I Get My Shelter How Do I Get Inside Vault 51 FO76 cool C.A.M.P. LOCATIONS Fallout 76

Where is Vault 51 Fallout 76 what vaults can I explore in Fallout 76 what vaults are accessible in Fallout 76 where do I go to start the quest to get my free shelter Fallout 76 unique camp locations in cave C.A.M.P. locations

@1:14 SMALL CAVE C.A.M.P. Fallout 76 & VOLLEYBALL NET cave locations with cook station and two tents c.a.m.p.cave location
@4:11 SCORCHED INFESTED DESTROYED FAMR C.A.M.P. Location FO76 Scorched infested Destroyed farm with corn mutfruit
@7:43 SHELTER CLAIM CENTER Fallout 76 how to get my free shelter FO76 how do I get a shelter Fallout 76 how to start the quest to get your free shelter (name of first shelter in Fallout 76: Vault Lobby)

Fallout 76 poster Our New Home... shelter FO76 Shelter Claim Center Poster

**LIST OF ITEMS outside SHELTER CLAIM CENTER FALLOUT 76 consumables, junk, loot
@8:05 Plastic bowels
Plastic spoons
Sugar Bombs

**LIST OF ITEMS INSIDE SHELTER CLAIM CENTER FALLOUT 76 crafting, consumables, junk, loot

@8:30 Vault Tech Foosball Table
*Weapons Workbench
*Chemistry Station
*Cooking Stove
*Armor Workbench
*Vault Tech Sleepbag or bed (sleeping for 30 second will get you rested / sleeping at your own camp, tent, workshop, shelter will get you well rested xp %5 bonus)
*Mr. Gil's Safe
@9:25 Mr. Clark is a Mister Handy robot. Talk to him to start the get your own shelter quest called "Home Expansion".
@9:37 Nuka-cola glass bottles
*orange canister
*spoiled meat
*moldy food
*High Voltage Hefe (buffs high voltage hefe fallout 76 or High Voltage Hefeweizen (Improves energy weapon damage by 15%, but increases the condition cost 15% for 5 minutes))
*Blackwater Brew
*Oak Holler
*Blamco Brand Mac and Cheese
*Dandy Boy Apples
*Pork'N Beans
*Rad Ant Lager (buffs rad ant lager fallout 76 (+50 Carry Weight for 1 minute -50 Carry Weight for 1 minute))
*pen and folders
*more junk items for steel
*desk fan



**LIST OF ITEMS INSIDE Vault 51 FALLOUT 76 crafting, consumables, junk, loot, possible weapons, scrap
*desk fan
*cafeteria tray
*Holo Tape Ruben Gill To Whomever Finds This Vault Holo Tape
*glass bottles different types
*Holo Tape Helen Marks & Ruben Gill - 20780803 Holo Tape
*cups and more steel scrap

@16:03 I believe a first look at the INTERROGATION CHAIR a recent addition to the Atomic Shop (take a look at a video of the Tour & Location I did for the INTERROGATION CHAIR )
*possible pipe revolver
*pumpkin pie
*lots more glass bottles
*red nuke-cola truck toy
* 2 clipboards

*Holotape Ruben Gill 20840520 Holo Tape

@20:20 CHARLE BROWN CHRISTMAS TREE! Sadly you can't take it.

*possible combat sniper rifle
*3 desk fans
*nuka-world mug Nuka World souvenir coffe cup

@23:35 Vault Tech Boxing Ring
*pick a job that's SPECIAL to you! poster

*Exercise Bike or may be referred to as endurance bike. When you ride it for 30 seconds or more +2 buff to endurance ( Tour & Location video of Exercise Bike ) In Vault 51, it is called the power cycle 1000
*2 boxing gloves melee weapon
*many many dumbbells scrap for lead 20lb dumbbell 5lb 160lb 10lb
@27:10 Scorched singing on stage
*another nuke-cola machine (my visit it had a quantum nuka-cola 2 cherry nuka-cola and 1 nuke-cola
**backstage area with instruments. These instruments are considered junk so if you collect be careful not to scrap them.
-snare drum
-steel guitar

@50:00 Vault 51 Executive Keycard

Fallout 76 Map Locations Vault 51 What's new in the area since the last couple of updates, people, NPC, enemies, structure, good C.A.M.P. locations right off the bat. Where is Vault 51 located Fallout 76 2024 update of the Map and what's there. fallout 76 name of quest to get free shelter, Home Expansion
Vault Lobby: This is a medium-sized Shelter. It was available for free for Fallout 1st Members in October 2020, when Shelters first came out. After that month, it is available for Atoms to all players. Vault Atrium: The largest of our first three Shelters, the Vault Atrium can only be purchased using Atoms

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