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Quickly GET Mysterious Cave Code ENTER Vault 79 elevator Grafton Pawn Shop Fallout 76 Wastelanders Mysterious Cave Code

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ENTER Vault 79 elevator Access Guide Quickly GET Mysterious Cave Code Grafton Pawn Shop Locations of six mysterious map fragments in Fallout 76 How to find mysterious cave code Where is Vault 79 located? What is the location of Vault 79? Vault 79 is a Vault-Tec vault located in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2103. The main entrance to Vault 79 is inside of the Mysterious Cave north of the Bailey family cabin. A keypad can be found on a wall inside the cave, which reveals an elevator. Two ways to obtain randomized code for the elevator door code for mysterious cave fallout 76 mysterious cave code locations walkthrough playthrough Complete quest Treasure Unknown in the Grafton Pawn Shop. Enter the six digits read from pawnshop from left to right first three digits being on the top row and the last three digits on the bottom row. Start the quest Buried Treasure. One gets the code from the Raiders to enter Vault 79. What is inside vault 79? The elevator leads to the large cavern in front of the signature cogwheel door of Vault 79. Once inside the cavern, one will see a small trailer, a small warehouse section, a truck trailer with goods, and a platform including the Vault 79 entrance terminal. The vault door could not be opened until the Wastelanders update when the interior became accessible. Another entrance to Vault 79 inside shack north of Bailey family cabin A call button can be found on a wall inside shack laser grid cannot be opened until completion of main Vault 79 quest Secrets Revealed pass through laser grid take the elevator to gold storage vault variety of hostile robots and automated turrets inhabit the main areas of the vault, while the reactor area contains feral ghouls and a single wendigo.How do I get into vault 79? Vault 79 raid walkthrough Where do I find the code to get into the elevator for Vault 79? The Grafton Pawn Shop is an unmarked location in the town of Grafton in 2103. Look for the spire of the church; the pawn shop is across from the church. The pawn shop owned by Flavia Stabo, this building was the headquarters for her Vigilant Citizen operation and her plans to infiltrate Vault 79. The building is instanced and allows the player character to assemble the clues she's left behind and attempt to break their way into the vault. To enter the pawn shop, one must leave their current team (if in a party). They may only enter the pawn shop alone. The map code fragments are completely random for each player character. There is a togglable floodlight that turns on a UV light that shows the words Cryptid, The Meat, Spelunker, Gasman, Teach, and Halo. What are the locations for the mysterious map fragments? How do I get the key code for the keypad for Vault 79? not a cave base location These are clues to the locations of the various mysterious map fragments, with "Cryptid" being the Mothman Museum, "The Meat" being The General's Steakhouse, "Spelunker" being Uncanny Caverns, "Gasman" being the Red Rocket Mega Stop, "Teach" being Morgantown High School and "Halo" being Haven Church. who is inside vault 79? What is inside vault 79? First days in Vault 79 Holotape desk in the overseer's office. Shooting range password - Holotape, in a cupboard in the overseer's office. Vault 79 glitch Chase Terrier's journal - Note, on a table in the sleeping area of operations. Cole Carver's journal - Note, in the kitchen on a table. Vault 79 gold Garrison's journal - Note, on a corner console to the left of the laser grid. Reginald Stone's journal - Note, on the left console behind Digger in the reactor room. Reginald Stone's journal, entry 712 - Holotape, side room slightly north of where one first encounters Slick Mercedes Stern's journal - Note, on a desk next to a small set of stairs in operations. Vault 79 plans Vault 79 facilities management keycard - Keycard, obtained during Buried Treasure. Accesses ID card reader 1000 gold bullion - In the gold processing room, west of the reactor. vault 79 keypad code Potential magazine - On the right table in the barracks. Cole "Slick" Carver Derek AC Garrison How to get back into vault 79? Mercedes Mercy Stern Maggie "Pita" Stern Reginald Regs Stone Chase Digger Terrier Vault 79 was first added in Nuclear Winter's patch 14 on October 23, 2019. vault 79 keypad code wastelanders Vault elevator code is random and may only be solved at the Grafton Pawn Shop by finding all the map fragments placing them on the board in Flavia Stabo's apartment above shop Secrets Revealed quest vault's interior apart from the gold vault operations becomes inaccessible. Any items the player character wishes to obtain must be acquired before entering the elevator, which will take one to Appalachia instead of the vault after the quest is complete. When did Vault 79 first appear Vault 79 appears first in the Fallout 76 update Nuclear Winter

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