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QUiCK GUiDE Legendary Perk Cards & Perk Coins HOW to use Fallout 76 Wastelanders Where to find Legendary Perk Cards & Perk Coins

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How to USe & Find Perk Coins & Lengendary Perk Cards QUiCK GUiDE Legendary Perk Cards & Perk Coins HOW to use Fallout 76 Where do I find the perk coins? How do I get more perk coins? How do I use the perk coins? Where do I find the Legendary Perk Cards? How do I rank up the Legendary Perk Cards? How do I use the Legendary Perk Cards? How do I trade in perk cards for perk coins? What are perk coins for? FALLOUT 76: UPDATE 22 PATCH NOTES – SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 We’re releasing Update 22 today, which includes new features like One Wasteland, Daily Ops, Legendary Perks, and the start of our second Fallout 76 Season. This update also brings a number of additional improvements and bug fixes to the game, so be sure to read on to catch the patch notes. UPDATE 22 HIGHLIGHTS One Wasteland: Creature levels now adjust dynamically to more closely match character levels, so you can adventure anywhere in Appalachia, whether alone or with your friends! Fallout 76 Season 2: Join Armor Ace and the Power Patrol in their battle against the Red Vipers by ranking up on an all-new S.C.O.R.E.board and claiming tons of rewards along the way. Daily Ops: Gear up, grab your pals, and get ready to take on challenging, repeatable, and randomized encounters called Daily Ops. Legendary Perks: Become legendary with new high-level Perk Cards that will offer more power and build diversity to your characters. UPDATE VERSION Check below for the update version and download size for today’s patch on your platform of choice: PC (Bethesda.net): (23.3 GB) PC (Microsoft Store): (37.8 GB) PC (Steam): (27.5 GB) PS4: (35.2 GB) Xbox: (42.6 GB) ONE WASTELAND With today’s update, we’re excited to introduce One Wasteland to Fallout 76, which allows creatures to dynamically adjust their levels up or down on the fly to more closely match each player they encounter. LEGENDARY PERKS Legendary Perks are new high-level Perk Cards for players who have reached level 50+, which will help you add even more power and build diversity to your characters. We’ve added a new “Legendary Perks” button to the top of the normal Perk Card Menu, which you can use to access and modify your Legendary Perk Slots and Cards. You will unlock your first Legendary Perk Slot at level 50, and up to 6 slots in total at certain level milestones after that: 75, 100, 150, 200, and 300. If you already have high-level characters, they will immediately have access to one Legendary Perk Slot for each of the above milestones they've reached. For example, a level 250 character will have access to 5 Legendary Perk slots, and will gain a 6th slot at level 300. One Legendary Perk Card can be equipped to each slot, and you can unequip them at any time in exchange for 1 Perk Coin (more on Perk Coins below). Legendary Perk Slots are account-wide, and will be available to all of your characters as soon as you unlock them. Even your characters below level 50 will be able to equip Legendary Perks in these slots, which gives them access to more power at an earlier stage of the game than your higher-level characters had at that level. With Legendary Perks, we’re introducing “Perk Coins,” which you can use to increase the power of your Legendary Perk Cards by upgrading them. Earn Perk Coins by scrapping your unused normal Perk Cards. Each Perk Card you scrap will grant you 2 Perk Coins per rank. For example: When you scrap a rank 1 Perk Card, you’ll receive 2 Perk Coins, and scrapping a rank 3 Perk Card will award 6 Perk Coins. Each Legendary Perk Card can be upgraded up to three times, at a price of 50, 100, and 150 Perk Coins to reach ranks 2, 3, and 4, respectively. While Legendary Perk Slots you’ve unlocked are account-wide, your Legendary Perk Selections and upgrades are separate for each of your characters. To help give your Perk Coin collection a boost, we’ve added a “Become Legendary” Challenge to the Character Challenge Menu, which awards 50 Perk Coins to characters who reach level 50. Please note: If your characters are already level 50+, this Challenge will already be completed for them the next time you log in, and the 50 Perk Coin reward will be added to your Perk Coin total automatically. DESIGN UPDATES

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