Nuka-World On Tour Map Location
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NUKA-WORLD ON TOUR: FALLOUT 76 MAP LOCATIONS 2024 tour info what's new & around the map marker FO76 Nuka-World On Tour Map Location

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NUKA-WORLD ON TOUR: FALLOUT 76 MAP LOCATIONS 2024 tour info what's new & around the map marker FO76


2:13 Camp 1 located close to Blood Eagle labor camp & NPC miner
6:20 Camp 2 located close to mole miners
8:30 Start Tour of Nuka-World On Tour, trader Betty Hill she has food, Food that spawns at Nuka-World On Tour FO76 (3 YAO GUAI PASTRY, NUKA-DOG, 2 sugar, GULPER STUFFED FOOT, CARAMEL MUTFRUIT, FRIED SCORPION ON A STICK, RADSCORPION KEBAB, FRIED RADROACH ON A STICK, CARNIVAL PIE, BRAHMIN BURGERS) show you the food effects for eating them "Note: I do have Carnivore Mutation"
14:55 Nuka Launcher location of Seismic Activity
20:25 Tunnel Of Love Event location and what is lootable and crafting area "Great event to farm mole miners mole rats Deathclaws farming"
29:36 Del Walsh trader aid bumble bear shovel Fallout 76
30:25 Spin The Wheel Event in the Nuka-World on Tour big tent
32:56 bed Well Rested & Well-tuned location Nuka-Lele at Nuka-World on Tour
37:48 main crafting area weapons workbench tinker armor bench power armor
station legendary script machine chemistry station stashbox scrap box ammo box
39:49 Nuka-World Arcade Nuka-Cade prize terminal location of prize terminal Chloe the Clown (list of prizes below)
46:40 location of nuka-cola vending machine nuka-cherry nuka-cola dark nuka-cola orange nuka-cola quantum nuka-cola twist nuka-cola wild nuka-cola grape
48:30 Most Wanted Event location Wild West Showdown

Fallout 76 Where is Nuka-World on Tour location where can I fast travel for free Nuka-World on Tour is a location in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia. It consists of the large grounds for a Nuka-Cola-themed traveling carnival.

prizes rewards at nuka-world on tour fO76 receipes
List of new food introduced Nuka-World On Tour receipes
Plan YAO GUAI PASTRY effects carry weight +60 for one hour
Plan NUKA-DOG effects Max Hit Points +60 30min
Plan GULPER STUFFED FOOT effects Strength +4 for one hour
Plan CARAMEL MUTFRUIT effects Perception +1 30min
Plan FRIED SCORPION ON A STICK effects agility +6 for one hour
Plan RADSCORPION KEBAB effects Energy Resistance +70 for one hour
Plan FRIED RADROACH ON A STICK effects Agility +3 for one hour
Plan CARNIVAL PIE effects

Games at the Nuka-Cade
Bandit Roundup - Two stations are located against the back wall of the arcade. It starts a miscellaneous quest to shoot the targets in the given amount of time.
Bottle Blaster - Two stations are located at the righthand entrance to the arcade. It is a "test your strength" game in which any weapon can be used to strike the machine.
Nuka-Zapper Race - One station is located against the lefthand wall of the arcade. It is formatted for multiple players to compete at the station and race their bottle to the top. A notification will appear in the left corner of the screen when a Nuka-Zapper Race has started for those in the vicinity.
Whac-a-Commie - Four stations are located against the left and right walls of the arcade. It is a simple, classic whac-a-mole game.

Prizes rewards Nuka-Cade points earned in each game can be redeemed at Nuka-Cade prize terminals Characters can have a maximum of 100,000 points at a time where can I find how do I get how do I learn
Level 2 Plan: Mutated goldfish 1600
Nuka-World on Tour shirt 1600
Plan: Nuka-Cade snow globe 1600
Level 3 Thirst Zapper 6000
Nuka-Cade jumpsuit 2500
Weaponized Nuka-Cola ammo (x6) 1600
Level 4 Plan: Nuka-World speakers 12000
Plan: Nuka-lele 12000
Weaponized Nuka-Cola Quantum ammo (x6) 12000
Weaponized Nuka-Cherry ammo (x6) 6000
Level 5 Plan: Bandit Roundup 20000
Plan: Bottle Blaster 20000
Plan: Nuka-Zapper Race 20000
Plan: Whac-a-Commie 20000
Plan: Weaponized Nuka-Cola schematics 20000

The Nuka-Cade, also known as Cappy's Nuka-Cade, is an unmarked location in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia. Part of the Nuka-World on Tour carnival, it holds several arcade games to play, after which prizes can be redeemed with earned Nuka-Cade points.

List of food that can be found for free at Nuka-World On Tour WHERE CAN I FIND LOCATION OF Hot Dog Has anyone got the new recipes? So far I have Yao Guai Pastry recipe it's great Recipes: Yao guai pastry location Nuka-World On Tour Events possible reward drop

NPC at Nuka-World On Tour
Betty Hill
Bruno the Strongbot
Chloe the Clown
Del Walsh
Gunther Jenkins
Lady G the Fortune Teller
Patricia Myers
Pete Myers
Mr. Lovely

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