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GILMAN LUMBER MILL: FALLOUT 76 MAP LOCATIONS 2024 tour info what's new & around the map marker FO76 Gilman Lumber Mill Map Location

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NEW NPCs! GILMAN LUMBER MILL: FALLOUT 76 MAP LOCATIONS 2024 tour info what's new & around the map marker FO76 GILMAN LUMBER MILL fallout 76 Gilman lumberjack Protectrons and Responders Post. Since Expeditions: Atlantic City update, location revamped and redecorated as an outpost for the Responders. It is led by Lane Platte and features several generic Responder characters, as well as quartermaster June Seaver. Main building has armor workbench, a stash box, and a usable hospital bed, punch card machine, a weapons workbench, interactable Whitespring poster, ammunition vending machine, a medical supplies vending machine, power armor station, a tinker's workbench, and cooking station Loot Good Spot to grab wood scrap, steel, screws A job opportunity - Note, on a crate on an exterior catwalk Quartermaster's report - Note, on a crate with a lantern near June Seaver. To Addie Note, on a table near Lane Platte in the main building. Many wood scraps - In the brick building in carts, inside the warehouse next to crates and from log piles. Several boxes of loose gears - On several of the tables and workbenches in the ruined mill building.

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