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**Read the first two ebooks of the science fiction, action adventure, mystery, thriller, suspense series
'Shades of Gray' for "FREE".
'#1 Noir, City Shrouded By Darkness' (SOG1)
'#2 From Moscow, With Love' (SOG2)

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'AabiLynn's Dragon Rite' (DR0),
'Ayann: A Fantasy Adventure' (Ayann),
and 'Shunned: Dragon's Cord' (SHUNNED).

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**Check out one of these fantasy fairy tales
based on Beauty and the Beast.
'Beauty of the Beast: the Mystic Rose' (Beauty) and
'AaBack's Grimm: Dark Fantasy Fairy Tale' (Grimm)

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Coming soon in ebooks: Books-A-Million ebook Microsoft ebook. Looking to release BooksAMillion and Microsoft related ebooks towards end of year. How to create your own ebook by showing you how I created my own ebook. Make your own ebooks in simple steps. Start creating ebooks made by you with pictures and covers.