Myrtle and Barb are enjoying a cruise but little do they know something lurks in the deep that nature didn't create.
Lol, I thought of this short while on a cruise and looking over the railing into the dark horizon. Never know what lurks in your own mind. Enjoy this eco horror short story with a little humor.
**Some spoilers ahead**
This is my first environmental fiction as I take a look at the world around us. Ecofiction isn't a new genre but one that has been around as we have examined what we have done to our planet and what we can do to be good stewards of Earth. I like the idea of environmental science fiction so I focused this first short story on environmental horror. As I understand it, the original Godzilla movies (which I love along with the new movies) is a form of eco-horror as Godzilla represents nuclear weapons or the atom bomb. I wanted to do something similar inspired by one of my favorite franchises, so I focused on plastic and oil and what sort of monster could be produced from our mismanagement of things like trash entering the ocean as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch bears witness of decades of littering. I also wanted to take a look at the problem from two different points of view so Myrtle and Barb were created. What better way than to use ecological science fiction to make people think about the issue? I love the genre science fiction horror and have been inspired by many movies and stories. Enjoy this little peek into my own mind and heart.

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