Kitten & Kraken #1
The Saurian Woman And
The Terribly Horrifying Project Meet
Tales From The Shades Of Gray Universe

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Type: Apocalyptic Science Fiction Short Story of about 3900 words
Start this heart and horror novella series by reading this short story. Kraken, a monstrous experiment, meets Kitten, an innocent-looking girl. Kraken has an insatiable appetite for hunting. Kraken has been bored because it has been so long since she hunted and now she comes across this all so helpless tiny child.
Once upon a time... or that was how the story should have started, but was this tale only a story? Maybe this tale was the beginning of something new, horrible, and wondrous.
This tale took place before the events of Shades of Gray #1 Noir, City Shrouded By Darkness. The world in which this story took place was governed by corporations, and mile-thick Dry Clouds encompassed half the Earth, blanketing that portion of the planet in endless night.
The Kraken Project, a monstrous experiment living within the Sanctum, meets a tiny experiment called the Pandora Project. Kraken calls her Kitten, but Kitten isn't as innocent as she looks. Behind the face of a child hides a fiend even more monstrous than Kraken.
Kitten And Kraken Apocalyptic Science Fiction Series

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