Wonder, The Littlest Unicorn
And The Vagabond Fairy
Illustrated Children's Book
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Wonder, The Littlest Unicorn and the Vagabond Fairy is a fairy tale bedtime story about the world's smallest unicorn who is born in the fairy realm and who must find a family. A fairy, who is all alone, helps her on her journey and together they find friendship and a place to belong. Join the Littlest Unicorn on her journey through a world of wonder and discovery and help little ones to drift off to sleep.

A kid's coloring book is included in the book and was created from the artwork in the story. Young and old can enjoy coloring the art.

The Littlest Unicorn is a shy baby unicorn in a land full of different animals, people, and plants like a Dragon Owl, a firefly, tiny fairy-like people called pixie-sparkles, a Lion Rose, the Lion King of all flowers, and a snake. Travel with the Vagabond Fairy and the Littlest Unicorn as they search for someone who can take care of the young unicorn. This is the unicorn fantasy book 1 and starts the children's fantasy book series.

This is my first children's picture book and more children's picture books are in the works for this series to continue the fairy and the unicorn's adventures. This book tells an endearing tale of friendship but this bedtime book can also help your kids to sleep.

Ebook includes bonus Coloring Book.


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