Yield Of The Spirit #1
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Synopsis: Ayann the Valkyrie and her friends face untold dangers and monsters as adventurers. Can she save one of her friends when an unseen enemy threatens their heart and their life?

Striiek was a world of dragons, heroes, wizards, demons, magical creatures, monsters, and rogues. On this world, thousands of different races coexisted and many had their own power to battle for good or to plunder for evil. Different types of cast schools sprung up to teach would be adventures, thieves, or magicians alike their craft. This story full of art and painting like pictures tells of one such hero.

Ayann Yield Of The Spirit is like many dungeons and dragons books as the story follows a group of adventures as they explore new realms of magic and fantastic worlds of wonder. Ayann is a young adult Valkyrie ( Valkyries are cast or class-based schools where the art of weapons and/or the craft of magic are taught ) and she searches for other young adults to join to start their own adventurers group for quests and prestige. The Valkyrie, the heroine of this story, will find a paladin, barbarian, priestess, and archer to form their band of merry travelers as they go through this coming of age saga. Ayann is loved by her group for her courage, outstanding achievements, noble qualities, heroic deeds, beauty, and especially because she loves each of them in return. They are a family. Enter this sword and sorcery realm as they encounter danger and fight off laughter. All of the dungeon explorers are from one adventurers academy or another. The tale is a mixture of action adventure fantasy and a novel full of heart. The story first starts out by introducing Ayann and then brings in the other characters as she goes through her young adult life. Each character has their strengths and weakness and together they are stronger.

Ayann Yield Of The Spirit is a kindle unlimited dark fantasy action adventure about a tight-knit group from adventurers guild who are bound together by friendship and respect. The story is an RPG fantasy books style read and offers the reader a chance to escape reality for a few hours. A great darkness is coming for Ayann and her friends. Will they be ready to face this great evil or will the death of one of their own fracture their family? The Valkyrie along with the paladin, barbarian, priestess, and archer will face a tragedy that threatens their unity in this epic fantasy and science fiction book. As this is a kindle unlimited free book, readers can enjoy this and a few others as a free fantasy kindle books. In this action-adventure fantasy, the group will encounter a Phoenix, dragons, trolls, minotaur, goblins, elves, necromancer, dragon-harpy, dragon soldier, and other monsters and mythical creatures. Foi the Paladin, a hero and leader of their group, will guide them as they determine who to help and who to vanquish. This is my second dark fantasy kindle unlimited book and my first epic fantasy kindle unlimited book series.

In this fantasy kindle unlimited books series, Ayann the Valkyrie is introduced as she is born in her Fotia village home, Sprite’s Glow, atop a mountain. The Fotia Race were a hearty, stout, tall people with hair the color of flame who long ago mastered the fire element. Many a barbarian, valkyrie, warrior, and other weapon-style cast hailed from their race. They had a high endurance to the cold and to fire, and they had a weakness to water magic and to poison. She is raised by her father, chieftain of their clan, and learns to hunt and track from him. Her father also teaches her how to use her natural born fire element ability in this dungeons and dragons kindle unlimited story. Enjoy this the first of the realty free dark fantasy kindle books in this series full of artwork. This illustrated book is based on the Ayann short story.

Ebook includes bonus Illustrated Glossary.

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