Monster of Monsters #1
Part Four
A Bargain Has Been Struck,
Too Bad For You
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Welcome to the Mortem where any wish could be fulfilled if you could survive the game long enough to win, but was there more to this place of darkness and monsters?

Light and darkness... Love and revenge... Friends and enemies.... Family and abandonment...

All Kein wanted was to be devoured. As an orphan, she had been told since joining her school that it was very important that a house or clan devour her, so when she met a creature promising to devour her, she was confused at first, but then she was consoled that someone wanted her.

A world of monsters and a world of humans... A world of joy and a world of terror... A world of hope and a world of betrayal... A world of reunions and a world of bitter truths...

Loneliness can be a very strong emotion, but it can also be a very strong motivator, so even when a creature of the darkness invited her to come to her, innocence heeded the call. Kein began an adventure of heartache and joy as she walked the paths of shadow and light. She would discover what it was to be devoured as a dangerous game drew her into a deadly realm of wishes, revenge, hope, desires, love, and horror.

Kein had been lured in and now she was trapped within the macabre game called the Mortem where she must survive against monsters that should only exist in nightmares. Vampires can be bloodsucking narcissists, but can they also have a heart? Kein would find out one way or another when her life was once again put up as a wager in the deadly game of the Mortem.

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The Mortem was a centuries-old game no one has ever won. A world where games are won and lost and where the contestants wager their lives. Monsters ( also known as Monstrum Races ) of the Mortem include vampires, werewolves, Kumovons ( spider people ), the Mummy, a mad scientist, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, the Invisible Man, Dr. Griffin, Scorpioids ( Scorpion people ), dragons, the Atlantean ( being similar to the Creature from the Black Lagoon ), succubus, Centipedia ( Centipede people ), chimeras, Mortem Masters ( those who are like Dungeon Masters ), vampire slayers, monster hunters, basilisk, Baron Samedi, Iceland Giant Earthworm, Frankenstein's monster, Raijū ( thunder animal or thunder beast ), ghosts, witches, bigfoot, fringe science, Cybernetics, Genetic Engineering, Phoenix, jinni or genies, etc.

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