AabiLynn's Dragon Rite #1
Breaking Dawn Riders
Those Who Are Chosen And
Those Who Are Cast Off (DR1)
Book Two

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Start this second book in this fantasy action adventure novella series and travel where dragons have been part of the world for millenniums. Enter a realm where riders are paired with dragon hatchlings to raise and care for them and to form a bond like no other.

In the second story...

Useless... Unwanted... Unloved...

When those closest to you see you only as a useless crippled child with no hope of a future, where do you find the strength to prove them wrong?

No one believed in Cara-AabiLynn, not even her own father and the woman who raised her. Born with a stunted arm and leg, those who she loved the most saw her as worthless and withheld their love from her. Given to a cruel man to cover her father's gambling debt, Cara's life of uncertainty became one of certain hardship and despair.

A trip to the dragonlands places her at a Dragon Rite where children bond with a dragon hatchling. Could she break from her life where she was destined to become a breeder and prove to all that a person's spirit cannot be measured by outward appearances and perceived limitations?

In the second story, Cara-AabiLynn has interfered in the Dragon Rite by touching one of the dragon eggs and now she must face the consequences of her actions. Read AabiLynn's Dragon Rite #0 Dragon's Brood to start this series if you haven't already done so.

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