Beauty of the Beast #1
The Mystic Rose-Part C
Hearts Betrayed And Blood Revealed (BOTB1-Part C fantasy novel)

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Synopsis: A new approach to the classic fairy tale. The story of Beauty and the Beast with a twist. What if the woman was the one turned into the creature?

A realm of adventure and peril mingled with romance, friendship, and sword and sorcery. Join Pluck as she travels through a strange land of danger and intrigue as she finds allies and foes alike in her search to lift her monstrous curse. A story like Beauty and the Beast but with more action and menacing darkness.

In the third story, Pluck's secret is revealed. Will her death follow?

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Beauty of the Beast romance love story with fantasy action and adventure. Beauty of the Beast a fairy tale romance love story with sword and sorcery action. A fantasy romance story told with a twist. A fairy tale love story where hearts are torn and love is tested.