AaBack's Grimm
Dark Fantasy Fairy Tale #1
Tale Of Two Worlds
The Wizard, The Battle Mage,
And The Werewolf (AG1)

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The fairy tales you know with a wicked twist. Start this novella fantasy action adventure series with a short story and enter a deadly world that could use a little hope and love.

A woman, Jane, who seems out of place in her own world is transported to a world of fairy tales. All is not happy endings for the world of AaBack's Grimm holds a dark and deadly secret for Jane.

In our world, Jane has lived life as if a curse has been on her, her entire life. As an artist, she has created artwork of many fairy tale characters, but her favorite is the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. When she enters the World of Grimm, Jane comes across the Beast, and she's instantly struck with a need to help him. What Jane doesn't understand is that his curse is nothing like the ones in the fairy tales.

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